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Making every pixel perfect

Your new destination or development deserves more than a vision, a name and a story. It deserves high resolution visuals and immersive imagery so that your customers can truly picture themselves there, at the heart of the action. That's where we come in.

Dining-sitting room

CGI - bedroom
CGI - frontage
CGI - communal area


Working in close partnership with your architects and interior designers, our creative team can help put your project in context, rendering high-res images that provide a real world view, not just a conceptual snapshot. Enabling your customers and prospects.

View over water

Bar view

With over 15 years CGI industry experience, the We Are Fred team excels in architectural technical knowledge, high resolution visuals and immersive imagery. Our creatives are experts in tailoring image styles to every clients' needs, whether that is dusk lighting, watercolour effects, product detail shots and lots more.

View of 2 houses

Bringing your new destination or development to life through CGIs will allow your customers to truly picture themselves in the moment. The We Are Fred team specialises in putting your project in context through accurate and detailed 3D models produced on the same CAD software used by your architects. We also offer External and Internal CGIs, 3D floor plans, site plans, photomontages and animations, so your customers can genuinely picture themselves at the heart of the action.

External corner view
  • Creating high quality CGIs is vitally important, and allows our clients to bring their destination to life in a digital presence, boosting their competitive advantage in an ever-changing market.

CGI - single front view
CGI - bathroom
CGI - front view with double garage


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