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10 reasons why smaller agencies are on top
May 2020

As a smaller agency, we used to worry what would happen when we came up against bigger names in the industry – but times have changed. After having won several big pitches against bigger, more established agencies – we have come to realise the industry has changed. Smaller agencies are no longer at a disadvantage – in fact, our size puts us ahead of the game for many clients. 

And here is our list of reasons why we think the tables have turned!

The A ( or FRED) team

Smaller regional agencies, like Fred, tend to put a more hands-on, senior team members on client accounts. Generally, with the larger agencies, the pitch may be done by a director, but more junior employees often carry out the day to day work. 

Regional Experts

Consumers are demanding more personal connections to brands and businesses. Smaller agencies tend to live outside of the main cities, therefore carrying strong, regional knowledge. Ultimately, they become experts. They often specialists in creating campaigns which relate to a variety of different audiences – and know just how to reach them. Take rebranding the city of Chelmsford as a key example of how our local knowledge overcame big agencies when we originally pitched for the work 


The nature and make up of smaller agencies mean they are often more agile and responsive and can adapt more quickly to clients’ changing needs. No task is too much – or too small.

An extension of your team

Building trusted relationships is an essential ingredient of an agencies success – both with clients and suppliers. These can only be built over time. Within a smaller agency you often find a higher retention of staff, and with the senior management team very much involved with each account, longer standing partnerships ensure the needs of our clients are fully understood and the best outcomes delivered. 

Unrivalled industry knowledge

Specialising in a particular sector often makes you an expert in that field. In smaller agencies, this experience comes from the senior management team, and is often built over a long period of time. As the senior team are heavily involved in every account and in the training and development of new staff, this expertise is passed on to our clients no matter how big or small the project may be. 

Competitive pricing

Generally, smaller agencies will have lower overheads – and therefore this is reflected in their daily rate for their clients. We offer value for money that a larger agency can’t – with the expertise that larger agencies will ultimately charge more for. 

We get things done

Agencies such as We Are Fred get things done. We have less layers to fight through and the flexibility to move mountains if we have to. We adapt. 

Always going above and beyond

Going against the stereotype, regional agencies have a point to prove to show clients the worth in using them over a bigger, more established agency. This in turn will benefit the client and provide better value for money.

Talent pools

As mainly smaller agencies are based outside of the bigger cities they can often attract local talent who don’t want to work in the city – and looking for a better work/life balance. 

Smaller agencies also invest in graduates and trainees, who show spark and potential. As the senior management team are heavily involved in training and development – they are learning from the best. 

At We Are Fred, we are lucky that our local university’s and college offer marketing courses - so we are able to easily find young talent we can grow. 

Outstanding Service

As a smaller agency, every single one of our clients are on the same level. We don’t favour higher net worth accounts or give them a different level of service. We work with everyone. Our senior team is involved in every account and receives the same level of service across the board. At We Are Fred, this is certainly something we are proud of.


Size no longer matters. If you are looking for incredible campaigns that work hard for your business, with experts in the industry and that comes with a great value for money price tag – you are in the right place.

Get in touch to see for yourself why companies such as One Chelmsford, Haven’s Hospices, Countryside, Crest Nicholson and Lifestory are choosing We Are Fred over our bigger competitors. 

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