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Bouncing back after a pitch loss, with a win…
Feb 2020

2020 is a very exciting year for all of us here at Fred, but one thing is for sure, in the three years we have been going we have had our fair share of pitch losses.


We can’t speak for every agency, but in our studio, we assign approximately six weeks to each pitch, in these six weeks the whole team becomes so familiar and fond of that particular project or client. It allows for the excitement to increase, the anticipation to build and for the whole team to really become one. These emotions are one of the main reasons why a pitch loss can be so disheartening.


The pitch process is one that can be very downplayed, yet it is a short amount of presentation time that really exposes a lot about the lead creative. Each part of the creative process is laid out in front of the potential client, showing the raw thinking behind all of it and what journey was taken to get the pitch to where it is. This means the client will always leave a pitch learning something personal about the lead creative. There is a real human-ness brought to life within a pitch.


A pitch is a hard process from start to finish, the pressure is put on each team and sometimes after those long hours and mind-boggling briefs it just doesn’t happen. We’ve learnt that the best thing to do is get back to work, learn from the negatives and really understand what it was that didn’t quite get that new client or project. In learning how to deal and progress with losses we have truly understood the value of being human. This is the sort of figuring out that is crucial, it is a tool that will only lead to development.


Transparency and honesty are at our core and it’s only right we share our best and (some of) our worst. A pitch loss is not something to be afraid of talking about, it helps an agency to grow, to find their feet and to gain momentum in the industry.


Marketing could be defined as the psychology behind the selling, so win or lose, there is always something to be gained.

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