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City of Chelmsford unveils its first ever branding design
Sep 2019

2 September 2019: The brand-new visual identity for Chelmsford was launched this weekend, giving the City its first ever brand identity since being granted Jubilee city status in 2012.

We Are Fred designed the new ‘Chelmsford For You’ concept which reflects the values of Chelmsford, its dynamic culture, character, its people and promotes inclusivity for all.

Taking a considered approach, the creative agency engaged with the key pillars of the local community from businesses, retailers, independents, schools, arts groups, health, lifestyle and local government, as well as members of the public to understand what the City means to them. The new placemaking initiative brings these views to life and everything that this vibrant, cosmopolitan and rapidly changing city has to offer. The brand will generate UK wide awareness and boost inward investment.

The new city branding won’t just support those in the town centre, but for the first time in the City’s history, stakeholders from the surrounding district such as RHS Hyde Hall, Hylands House and Essex Cricket Ground also stand to benefit considerably. This is City branding of the highest level and will attract businesses and visitors from outside the city and further afield, encouraging them to come and enjoy all the opportunities that Chelmsford has to offer from business and social to family life.

Historically Chelmsford has built its reputation on being a market town and the birthplace of radio, but over the last decade the City has gone through a period of evolution. While Chelmsford is proud of its long-established heritage, it needed a contemporary brand that respected this while capturing the City of 2019 and beyond and engaging the people who really believe in and connect with the City.

The new brand comprises an all-encompassing minimal typographical route with a play on words that brings the brand and the city together. The square around the For You, symbolises the inclusiveness and personalisation of the brand and communicates the engagement of the community. A full suite of interesting and cohesive colour palettes have been applied to showcase the power of the identity.

The launch of this brand provides a great opportunity to elevate the position of the City and all that the people of Chelmsford enjoy - the culture, diversity, business opportunities, education prospects and lifestyle offering.

Nick Street, creative director and co-founder, We Are Fred, said: “This project knows no boundaries and as we started unveiling the branding and what it represents to various groups in the City we quickly realised its power in bringing everyone together. The level of engagement that it has created has been incredibly positive and everyone is thrilled to get behind it.

“This brand design has been a year in the making. It’s so much deeper and complex than just designing an iconic brand. We spent a lot of time engaging with the various stakeholders across the City, listening to their views and finding out what was important to them. This campaign is very much about inclusiveness. We set our business up in Chelmsford for many reasons and are committed to the success of the city”.

We Are Fred were appointed as lead creative agency to brand and position the City last summer following a highly competitive three-way pitch. The objective being to elevate Chelmsford’s profile, open people’s eyes to the possibilities and attract businesses and individuals from across the UK and further afield.

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