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Fredquarters gets a smart new revamp.
Nov 2018

When I think back to the very first day we launched We Are Fred, Clive and I were stood balancing on ladders painting the studio a very questionable shade of orange. Although neither of us said it at the time, we were both wondering what the hell we were doing. Leaving the security of other jobs to start up a new creative agency. But two years on we can both safely say that we haven’t looked back.

In that short time, we have more than doubled our headcount, the number of retained client relationships has gone up by 400% spread across a wide range of industries and we’ve been shortlisted for most impressive small agency growth at the Agency Awards! That orange colour palette has become our now widely recognised identity in the market and we’re proud to have been able to build our profile in the industry, working with some of the best brands out there.

With so much to celebrate, and with our anniversary fast approaching, we thought it was time to give our studio a bit of a facelift. Reinvesting in the business at this stage of our journey is hugely important for us. We want to create an environment that our employees are inspired by and feel proud to work in. We also want it to be a place where our clients can stop by for a chat and where we can showcase our work for everyone to see.

So, with all this in mind, we created zones for different types of working with a dedicated chill out area where we can brainstorm project ideas and entertain clients. As the company grows we need to create space to accommodate additional employees so we’ve had a bit of a re-jig in the studio to make extra desk space that can be used as needed.

We all spend a lot of time in the office working together so it was important for us to give our staff somewhere that they felt comfortable in. With this in mind we gave the team free reign to choose some of the décor which now includes some seriously impressive artwork and the odd neon, light up pineapple. Our new environment is therefore a true showcase of the diversity that makes up our team and the company culture that we have worked hard to create.

Providing our team with a desirable working environment helps keep us all motivated and more productive as a result and is therefore an investment well worth making. Giving the office a fresh new feel, making small changes to the aesthetics and layout has had a huge impact and helped to boost morale. We are growing far quicker than we ever imagined and we need to make sure that our office is a true reflection of where the business is and all that we have achieved so far.

Check out what else we’ve been up to over the summer on our Instagram page.

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