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From intern to designer.
Apr 2019


Last August, our lovely designer Ellie joined the We are Fred team as an intern for two weeks. Nine months later and she is still with us having become a fully-fledged member of the family. Ellie takes a look back at her journey so far and talks about the lessons she has learnt along the way.

Becoming a more efficient designer

At university I would have spent months working on a design, making tweaks here and there until I was happy with the finished result. Our clients don’t want to wait that long. Working in a fast-paced agency having to meet strict deadlines means you have to work much faster and more efficiently. I quickly learnt how to be smarter with my time and deliver great results within set timeframes.

Being adaptable and commercially minded

We are always working on a number of client projects at any one time so it’s important to be able to juggle and multi-task. I’ve also had to become much more commercially minded, bearing in mind our client’s objectives, what they’re hoping to achieve, budgets and ensuring that we deliver top results within those parameters. I love getting to know our clients better and coming up with the best solutions to their marketing needs.

Having confidence in my ideas

Before joining We are Fred I was the biggest critic of my work. Now my ideas are opened up to clients I need to have confidence in my ability to deliver a great design, but also be receptive to constructive feedback if they want things to be changed or done in a different way. I’m also lucky to be surrounded with a great team. The direction I receive from my creative director and other colleagues means that I’m learning so much and building my confidence along the way.

Working under pressure

Thanks to the nature of what we do, there are always going to be times when we need to react to circumstances beyond our control. Deadlines might move, last minute design changes need to be made. Whatever the situation I quickly learnt that it is absolutely critical be remain ‘unflappable’. Stay focused and concentrate on getting the job in hand done. Clients need to know that we are a safe pair of hands.

Creative thinking

It’s not just about designing something that looks great on the screen. As a designer you need to be looking forward at how your designs are going to be used – are they going to be printed and to what scale? Do they need to be digitally compatible? You’ve got to keep in mind how certain elements of a brand are going to be used and ensure it is transferable.

Being part of a team

Finally, but probably most importantly, is being part of this incredible team. The greatest benefit of this is the ability to bounce off everyone else’s creativity. Often taking an idea and building it to create something that is much greater than it might have been with just one person working on it. I’m lucky to be surrounded by truly brilliant people and I love brainstorming together and watching our ideas unfold to take things to the next level. It’s so inspiring.

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