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Havens Hospices - Behind The Scenes
Jan 2020
Where did you begin with the project? 

Havens Hospices have grown exponentially in the recent years, offering care services to all ages across the South East. With this growth came the need to rebrand and refine their identity, providing longevity but retaining that caring, local hospice feel.


We started by doing research into the competition in the area, highlighting the key USPs of Havens Hospices, the main one being inclusivity; they are the only hospice in the area to cater for all ages and we needed to ensure this was a running theme across the sub brands.


What did you keep consistent within the evolution?


This was a complete overhaul of the brand, even down to the naming, we identified that a ‘parent’ and ‘child’ system needed to be adopted in order to keep everything under the same umbrella, especially the newly acquired ‘The J’s Hospice’ which before, was a separate entity. So each name was slightly tweaked to fall in line.


Everything from the colours to the typeface has changed but the core message has remained consistent. By keeping the widely recognised ‘Making Every Day Count’ strapline, we are reinforcing that Havens Hospices is all about supporting families and making the journey as comfortable as possible for people with life-limiting illnesses.


What factors influenced the chosen colour palette?


Blue is a key colour in the healthcare sector, by using a colour that people associate with care and professionalism gave the Havens Hospices brand a more grown up feel. The more muted tones that we have chosen, give off a softer appearance, appealing to all ages. The added yellow counterbalances the clinical blue, giving it warmth and adds a sense of maturity.


How did you ensure your design differentiated each arm of Havens Hospices whilst still keeping them related? 


When we started the project, we played around with the composition and styling of each arm’s brand to make them all slightly different, but this detracted from the unity of the brand as a whole. We decided the keep the brandmark and composition consistent so that the public will automatically know that it comes under the Havens Hospices umbrella.


How important was the imagery in this project?


As with anything to do with the care sector, there is a level of sensitivity required. We were supplied a bank of images which were taken within the hospices and across various fundraisers. We carefully went through all images and chose the most appropriate for each piece of collateral and supported this with some stock imagery to give a slightly more generic feel to the corporate items.


What was your favourite part of the project?


We’ve really enjoyed seeing this brand come to life. From the very early stages of first seeing the chosen brand mark, to developing the collateral and building a comprehensive body of material - the project starts to take a life of its own. We’re all excited to see the identity being used in the community and to see how it evolves and develops from here on.


What do you think the evolved Havens Hospices brand represents?


We believe the rebrand gives Havens a more mature and refined identity. People know what Havens do and what they are about, but we believe this new brand look will give a confidence and an acknowledgement in their ability in providing care for individuals and their families.

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