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How CGIs have earned their place in property marketing.
Nov 2018

The first ever film to use computer generated images (CGI’s) was reportedly Westworld, which hit the movie screens in 1973. Back then the director, Michael Crichton, used computer generated animations to help depict what the world would look like through a robot’s eye. Back then several experts told Crichton that this was going to be near enough impossible to achieve.

Not deterred, Crichton was eventually introduced to an experimental computer graphics artist who was willing to take on the challenge. It took more than four months and tens of thousands of dollars to create but the result was two minutes of pretty powerful CGI footage.

Since then we’ve grown used to seeing CGI’s in film. From Avatar, to jaw-dropping scenes in Jurassic Park to helping recreate more historical moments in Forest Gump. But its use in marketing, property marketing in particular, has only really come to the forefront in the last decade or so.

Thanks to the significant enhancements in technology and software, CGI’s have become much more mainstream, much more affordable, and can now really help to bring a development to life and project a certain lifestyle, bringing even the most intricate and minute details to life. They take away a huge chunk of the unknown, eliminating the risk factor and ultimately help to sell a lot more new homes

The improved quality of CGI now gives us an almost photographic image and we have seen the number of housing developers using them to bring a site to life increase exponentially.

Buying a property off plan is a risky business, but one that developers need to make more appealing in order to get sales moving. Aspiring homeowners can’t really see or touch what they are buying and are therefore relying heavily on indicative images to help them visualise their new property.

Using CGI’s in this way allows the homeowner to see what their property will look like and how they might use the space.

Couple this with the ability to use virtual reality and animations to give aspiring homeowners the opportunity to ‘walk through’ their new home before the foundations are even laid and we see that CGI marketing is really opening up the market.

In this day and age where market conditions are somewhat challenging, being able to sell more homes off plan is the key to success for many property developers. CGI technology is allowing these companies to showcase their products long before anything is built. This investment is essentially helping builders as well as potential homebuyers to remove some of the risks associated with buying off plan. Selling a home before it has even been built is the ultimate win.

So should you take the plunge and invest in CGI production to add to your marketing efforts? It’s a bit of a no brainer really.

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