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How your strategy needs to change during COVID-19
Apr 2020

Most of us are all settled in at home, whether we are working or not, the way we interact with the rest of the world has changed, our needs are different and how we communicate and fulfil those needs has evolved.


The majority of businesses have adapted their marketing strategies, navigated what works and what doesn’t, and ensured all our customers know what their COVID-19 policy is and how they will be working going forward. Now that the new order of business has been laid out, we can look towards the next 3-6 months of marketing, sales and internal communications.


As with every strategy, it will change depending on seasonality, innovations and the economic climate, with the introduction of a pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation we are tackling something we haven’t before. Everything has gone digital, we are trying to reach people in their homes, through social media, radio, digital advertising and television. There are no printed materials, no events, no local sponsors or outdoor media, those with social media accounts are relying on them more than ever and those without are discovering their power for the first time and navigating new techniques.


The FRED Team are focussing on supporting clients any way we can, ensuring that their businesses run ‘business as usual’ as much as possible. Making sure that their internal communication is in sync to support their teams company-wide and keeping their customers up to date and new leads warm. The team are updating our social media with fresh content, industry insights, FRED facts, Quarantine tips and company culture pieces. We want to make sure our clients and followers know that we are still working, still there for them and staying motivated.


We are working with marketing, sales and HR teams across all our clients, because we understand that as a company you need to keep everyone updated, whether it’s a customer that registered their interest before lockdown, a Sales Advisor that can no longer go into the Sales Office or an employee in Accounts that is working from home. How you communicate to each individual will be different and the kind of information and support will depend on the person.


While working out your plan for the next few months, bare in mind who you need to support, how best to reach them digitally and what your message will be and question if that message might change as things develop. The most important tip we can give you, is exhaust all platforms and keep content fresh and engaging for your customers. For your employees and customers, keep them motivated, stay in contact and bear in mind what they may be battling on a personal level. Be kind, stay safe and protect everyone by staying at home.


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