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Nov 2018

Our clients are the heartbeat of our business. One of the main reasons that Nick and I started We Are Fred in the first place was because we could see a gap in the market for a design agency that truly understood its clients and the markets they operate in. But more important than that, one that gave them the time, focus and dedication they deserved, no matter their size or budget.

Great design and client management go hand in hand, at We Are Fred we balance the two to give our clients the best experience possible. The relationship we enjoy with our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors and why we have always made it a priority to provide the best service, regardless of whether we are working with a FTSE100 housing developer or small niche recruitment consultant. The service level will always be the same across the board.

We invest a lot of time at the beginning of a relationship getting to know our clients – not just on the business side of things, but also getting to know the individuals we are working with.

After 25 years’ experience in this industry, I know that the better the relationship with the client, the easier it is to do business together. Those upfront and honest conversations about what will work and what will be most effective are far easier to have when you really understand where your client is coming from and the pressures on them from higher up in the business.

At the same time, as their trusted advisers, they look to us for our expertise and guidance, not just on design and marketing, but our insight on the market that we know so well. For us that client relationship works both ways.

Over the years, that track record of excellent service has helped us to build strong relationships with the clients we work with. That loyalty creates customer retention and some of our clients have been with us for over 14 years. Even when our contacts have changed companies, they have taken us with them as their preferred and approved supplier.

For me, it’s about maintaining our track record of being able to deliver and proving that we can handle any task our clients throw at us. Our clients challenge us and keep us on our toes, pushing us to go further and they make us what we are today.

We continue to push those boundaries, delivering above and beyond every time. But most of all we never take those well-established relationships for granted. From the clients who trust us and know we can do the job and do it well, to the new clients who take a punt on us, changing their agency to take a leap into the unknown.

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