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Keeping Up With Evolving Brands
Nov 2019

In today’s ever-growing society, we are surrounded and bombarded with advertising. Although traditional forms of advertising are becoming less effective, they still hold their place in subliminal messaging. On our commute to our evening out, we will see at least one form of traditional advertising that we may not completely absorb but we most certainly will remember it if we’ve seen it enough. How we like to be advertised to is evolving at a high speed, therefore brands need to keep up.

The purchasing process that was once so simple is changing, brand loyalty is harder to achieve than ever, and traditional advertising rules are being abandoned. But one thing marketers must always do is evolve with their audience. We know this by looking to brands such as Apple and Nike. They have truly stood the test of time and we recognise them globally. Not only is their customer retention rate incredibly high, but brand loyalty is fierce. Their brand marks constantly overshadow their competitors.

When we think of Apple, we all probably picture the same image, the classic bitten apple that is on the back of our phones and the front of our screens. The brand has evolved from their 1977 mark that showed Newton sitting underneath an apple tree and today, we are seeing brands that are ever so slightly changing to correlate and keep up with the times.

Brands that have recently developed their graphic identity include Snapchat, Pandora and Yahoo. The one thing each of these developments have in common creating a bolder effect, this evolution is simple yet effective by allowing the brand to be punchier and more impactful. Volkswagen is an example of a brand that has stripped back, the infill of colour has been removed and the brand is now left linear and simple, elements that are thought of as clean.

Are these evolving brands just trying to catchup with the industry leaders? Or is the evolution a genuine reflection of their own customers? Time will tell, but today’s consumers move fast, push for transparency and are consistently looking for options. As a design agency we always keep these factors in mind when creating something new for a client and when considering our own brand.

As graphic designers, we notice many equations that lead to a peak in creativity. One in particular that we have been noticing more and more, is one that steers to the design of a brand mark that often transfers into huge brand awareness and large recognition:

Clean + simple + linear = success

We obviously feel there are a few points missing in the above, but in general terms, many brands follow it. Industry giants have led us to believe that success of a brand usually aligns when we are able to remove the wording and are recognised simply from the brand mark.

We are unable to see what brand marks will still be relevant in their current form in the future, but it seems right now there is definitely some ways we can prolong the lifecycle.

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