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Olly under the spotlight.
Nov 2018

This week its Olly, our senior designers turn to come under the spotlight as we learn a little bit more about his hobbies, interests and how he came to produce the music that accompanies those Korean arcade dance games that we all love so much.

Being focused, hungry for success and with a clear ambition to design great memorable branding for his clients, Olly provides a fresh perspective on ideas and ensures that our final products are cutting edge and tick all the boxes in terms of attracting the right clientele for our clients and turning marketing into tangible results.

But when he’s not busy meticulously playing with typesettings and colour palettes, Olly seeks inspiration from a number of his interesting hobbies. While at Uni Olly developed a love of music, going on to build his own Spotify following and fanbase. It wasn’t long before he was approached by a Korean computer game developer who wanted to buy the rights to his creations for use in its games. If you’ve ever played the dance arcade games, (yes you know the ones), chances are you have danced to one of Olly’s songs!

In steep contrast to this, Olly recently spent nine months reconditioning an old 90’s Honda Accord, complete with a Dukes of Hazard horn, which he used to take part in a rally across Europe and raised over £3,000 for charity. When he wasn’t busy modifying the car and re-tuning the engine, Olly could be found designing vinyl and collecting signatures of sponsors who each got to sign the car. Apparently there is something very satisfying about driving past Monaco Casino, laced with its Ferraris and Aston Martins, in a ‘tastefully’ decorated Honda!

Back in the studio, Olly brings these experiences to his design work having been influenced by other people, cultures and the countries he has explored. He thrives off the pressure of interpreting a client brief and delivering top results in tight deadlines. He also loves nothing more than being set a bit of a challenge when a client throws a curveball into the mix. But as he says, “if you can’t be adaptable and versatile in this industry, you won’t get very far”.

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