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Property Sector to Embrace Social Media
Oct 2019

The smell of a freshly baked bloomer just isn’t enough anymore when it comes to selling properties.

Our free time is precious. Between work, family and our social lives, we don’t want to spend loads of time looking for a dream home. Life admin has to slot into pretty busy lifestyles. This is why the property sector, including developers need to catch up and make the most of the power of social media marketing.

Recent research found that on average we spend 3 hours 15 minutes on our phones each day so it is unsurprising that 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online. This just highlights how imperative it is that the property sector doesn't get left behind when it comes to digital marketing.

Amy Savage, Marketing Executive, We Are Fred, comments: “Due to the current digital landscape of today’s marketing trends, it is important for all sectors to keep up with audiences buying behaviour. More likely than not, the purchasing process begins at the consumers fingertips. It is no longer acceptable to assume only certain generations use social media.”

Printed media, brochures, leaflets and other marketing collateral still have their place, but these elements are now having to make room for the rise of digital.

Unfortunately we’re yet to invent ‘smellevision’ to waft the smell of coffee and warm pastries through peoples mobile screens, but there is a wealth of digital marketing opportunities that the property sector is yet to fully embrace.

Creating an online presence is far from a new marketing tactic. By using a carefully crafted combination of digital marketing tactics such as social media, PPC (pay per click advertising) and social media advertising, to name a few, companies such as housing developers can build an online presence. These tactics can be used to target specific audiences, drip feeding the key information and converting them into loyal followers who are engaged in your business.

But the potential doesn't stop there.

Developers and other businesses within the property sector can also harness the sway of immersive digital experiences. Video marketing, 360° tours and property walk throughs can give perspective buyers a real feel for life within a perspective property.

Nick Street, Creative Director, adds: “Social media for all age groups is on the rise. Each platform serves a different purpose and allows for companies to be completely transparent in their marketing approach. The possibility of being able to target even the most niche of audiences whilst measuring campaign success is a tool that every business in every sector should be using.”

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