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The Evolution of We Are Fred
Dec 2019

We have recently celebrated our third birthday here in the Fred studio, the anniversary was truly a milestone for us and reminded us of how far we have come.


In just three short years we’ve seen our headcount grow dramatically and increased the sectors we work across. Spanning across two continents, we have won more national and international clients with an 80% pitch success rate (although they are not our favourite part of the job!). We have also been shortlisted for three prestigious industry awards, increased our social media following and implemented one city brand, and if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve marketed over £900 million worth of residential sales.


Here at We Are Fred, we are aware that staying true to your brand identity is incredibly important within the agency environment. So, we know we have to evolve – not change.


As we enter different sectors and start to complete a varied range of projects, we know we have to create a brand for ourselves that reflects our adaptability to all of our clients.


To us, adaptability is at our core, it is how we are able to complete a property brochure and develop a retail-based website all in the same day. Our adaptability does not stop at our brand, it continues to our team, our skills and our experience. By ensuring a versatile, detailed culture, clients will always be able to rely on us no matter the platform, medium or industry. The adaptability of the brand perfectly illustrates the creative collective that is our team.


Today in the world of creative agencies there is a continuous want for transparency, honesty and valued relationships among clients and when it comes to graphic identity, first impressions do count. The foundations of We Are Fred begin at our brand, it allows for us to build a framework up from the ground. Typography, colour, composition and tone of voice are all a result of what our graphic identity states.


By using tessellation and deconstruction throughout the development of the new brand, it allows for a stand-alone brand mark that expresses our massively varied range of capabilities.

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