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The niche that is CGIs
Jul 2020

In a world where consumerism is at the core of many of our identities, we rely on visuals to guide our journey to purchase. We can often take for granted the amount of work and dedication that goes into the pages that we turn and the content we continually scroll through.


The foundations of the new home industry are built upon our customers, what they desire and quite often showing them desires they didn’t even realise they had. This is where computer generated images make their stand. A CGI artist has an incredibly important job within the consumer purchasing process, they are quite literally illustrating our customer’s dreams. But what really goes into a CGI?


It’s not just blue prints, line drawings and computer skills, CGIs are made off the back of intense creative thought. Not only does a CGI artist take on the role of an architect but they also take on the role of an interior designer. Everything that is visible within that CGI has been carefully considered in the stage of build, there is such a high level of passion and artistry that bleeds into everything you see.


The purpose of a CGI is to visually stimulate those on their house hunt. For many, CGIs solidify their decision in purchasing. It’s not just an image on paper, it’s an emotional investment for both the artist and the buyer.


Here at We Are Fred we are not just helping our clients to simply sell a house, we are on the side of building emotional connections between the customer and their dream home. Our talented CGI artists work tirelessly to ensure those connections happen, without a CGI, a customer would not get to know their new home. How else would they build excitement and truly imagine the safety, comfort and love that will forever be valued in their new home.


Fred are in the business of delivering. The niche that is CGIs, is the marrying of technicality and creativity by taking photo-realism to the next level. Get in touch to learn more about how Fred can boost you CGI game to new extremes.



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