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The power of video content continues to drive consumer engagement.
Nov 2018

Last year video content accounted for an estimated 74% of all online traffic. But the effectiveness of video isn’t new news. However, what has changed in recent years is how important it is now, across every platform and channel, and its hugely powerful impact as a forward-facing tool as part of every marketing strategy.

Videos are emotive, they can be interactive, and they have the ability to explain something in one quick frame without the need for lots of words. Because of this they significantly enhance brand engagement, increase sales conversions, promote brand loyalty and overall provide a far greater and more enjoyable customer experience.

In today’s crowded marketplace it’s even more important than ever for both existing and potential customers to connect with your brand. Videos help to build trust and are proving to be a vitally important tool allowing brands to reach and more importantly connect with their audience to gain market share.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative marketing trends to add to our offering and videos are providing our clients with a powerful tool for boosting their brand and their sales figures. Our forward-thinking clients who are adding video marketing to their outreach strategy are quickly realising what a powerful medium it is. Those who don’t adopt it as part of their marketing mix will quickly fall behind.

Check out our latest video for one of our local clients, building some impressive apartments near Chelmsford City station.

Video provides companies with an opportunity to get really creative in a way that two-dimensional design just doesn’t allow. The use of imagery, the effects used and even the addition of a particular type of music can all make us feel and react in a completely different way to written content. Don’t get me wrong, printed literature will always have its place but we’re seeing that the ability to create an aspirational lifestyle through imagery and music is having a far greater impact.

You just have to take a look at the property sector as one example where we are starting to see a significant cultural shift across estate agencies who in recent years have steered away from the more traditional printed brochure format and want to move across to use more video content. These companies are recognising the benefits and reaping the rewards.

But why is video so impactful? It’s a very personal medium which more often than not shows a human face of the company. The ‘broadcaster’ can use video to build a much more intimate and personal relationship with the audience. Content and messaging can be conveyed much faster through video than it can through written copy and explained in a much clearer and cohesive way.

Successful marketing evokes emotion, and this is proven to positively impact customer decision making. Through tone of voice, facial expressions, music, even the type of shots, videos encourage stronger emotional connections. It’s a great way to craft a vision of an aspirational lifestyle and create a strong desirability for something. This emotion drives action be it in the form of increased enquiries or boosted sales.

Finally, and perhaps the most important benefit of video content is its sharability through social media channels. It is a well proven fact that videos and pictures get more shares on social media than any written content.

Is the video content funny, emotional, heart-warming or even educational? No matter what it will trigger something in the viewers brain which makes the video compelling and shareable. Some of the most successful videos have been those that place a greater emphasis on being story-driven and achieving audience engagement over the selling of the particular brand. Put the story first and the brand recognition comes with it.

Ultimately in everything that we design, be it brochures, flyers, press adverts and websites, we’re helping our clients to improve their customer experience and increase their engagement levels to turn marketing into bottom line sales growth. The market is saturated with marketing content in shapes and sizes, but we help our clients stand out from the crowd.

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