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The well written word
Jun 2019

As a creative agency, we put a lot of emphasis on our graphical work. This means the composition, colour, typography and engaging imagery we use, must all be aligned with the end goal. But, in most cases, our designs do not stand alone, they’re accompanied by impactful copywriting specifically crafted to help achieve this.

Tone of Voice

Copywriting is a way of expressing your brand’s personality through words. Your brand’s ‘voice’ is what clients hear in their head when reading your promotional material. The tone this voice takes on is not determined by the reader, but by the copywriter. How customers then react to what they’re reading depends on what this tone of voice is saying and whether or not they trust it.

Effective copywriting is integral to how any brand or promotion is perceived. Combining this persuasive copy with emotional storytelling can move your audience. Executed well, this combination can inspire your audience to take action. This is what we aim to do in all our work and to aid us in doing so, we implement dynamic copy.


Using powerful copy alongside our designs is what helps bring our ideas to life. Whether for a marketing brochure, social media post or article (just like this), it needs to have a purpose. This purpose should either be evident throughout or the copy should be compelling enough to drive your audience to read all of it. At no point should they question why they’re reading it.

Writing clear and easy-to-read copy is also an often-underestimated practice. There are a number of techniques that can help determine if your copy lacks flow, the most basic of which is to simply read it aloud. Well-written copy will guide the reader through the pauses, pitch changes and areas for emphasis without directly instructing.

This technique is essential to copywriting and is a great means of ensuring that if your client starts reading the copy, they finish it. But it’s not everything. Grabbing hold of your audience’s attention and taking them on a journey, requires more than writing that flows.


You need to be able to tap into your audience’s emotions, after all, nearly 90% of the decisions we make are based on emotions. This means making your readers’ jaw drop, eyebrows scrunch or eyes widen with delight using only the design and words on the page.

But embedding emotion into copy is no easy feat. Exciting your audience, captivating them, even instilling a feeling of nostalgia is what transports your audience to whatever environment you want them to be in.

The best and most effective approach for doing so is to know your audience. Know what keeps them up at night and know what they really desire. Once you know your audience inside and out, align your goals with theirs and put pen to paper.

Can you make your reader smile, wince, laugh, nod their head, or simply click a link? We can, so get in touch and start drawing emotion from your readers too.

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