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We Are Fred launch Greenwich development in artisan quarter.
Nov 2018

139 is a collection of modern apartments located in the heart of Greenwich. Situated in the artisan quarter of London, these homes appeal to millennials and first-time buyers looking for a home close to the City. Each borough of London brings with it its own unique identity and Greenwich is no exception. Our designers relished the creative freedom of this project, taking inspiration from the melting pot of cultural diversities this postcode has to offer.

Having worked with Kallars on a number of projects, the We Are Fred team were given complete carte blanche when it came to the look and feel of 139. The brief was to come up with the name and concept for the development and create a bespoke brochure, which highlights the lifestyle of living in Greenwich, all of which needed to complement the product and attract the right buyer.

The location of the apartments provided all the inspiration needed from the marketing concept – bright colours, vivid imagery and bold typography, all in keeping with the vibrancy of the area. The marketing material doesn’t just show off the quality of the accommodation, it also depicts the lifestyle that Greenwich has to offer including its interesting cafe culture, historical landmarks and the outdoor appeal of living in close proximity to the river.

We Are Fred also understand the huge impact that video marketing is having right now. The target audience for 139 are consuming more and more video content across websites and through social media channels and shareable links, so it was the obvious decision to produce a marketing video as part of this campaign.

Nick, Creative Director, said: “With 139 we’re not just branding a block of stunning apartments, we’re creating a desire amongst prospective purchasers for a certain lifestyle. The London property market is still booming but competition for buyers remains fierce. With this in mind, 139 needed a dynamic identity that made it stand out from the already saturated market and put these apartments at the forefront. We don’t just design logos, we create unique and aspirational lifestyle brands that people want to engage with”.

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