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What is the FRED Team doing to stay motivated?
Apr 2020

During these uncertain times our normal routines are out the window, paving way for new ones. Our FRED Team have settled into their new lives at home, whether we are working, looking after children or broadening our horizons. We don’t claim to be the experts, but we hope by sharing parts of our days with you, you might be inspired to try something different.



Family Time


Spending time at home means spending more time with the family. Those of us with children have definitely noticed the difference, whether we are trying to juggle a laptop and phone calls with toddlers climbing over us or turning our hand to teaching phonics and keeping their education going. Whatever we are doing we are witnessing more of our children and their growth which is a wonderful silver lining.





Getting to all those home improvements we have been putting off for years. Especially in the garden, with everything going on, it’s a great opportunity to get out in the garden and grow some veggies.





Being cooped up isn’t healthy for anyone so we are making sure we get out for walks every day, keeping connected with friends and family via video calls and some of us are getting back into meditation and yoga. It’s important to take some time for yourself.





Some of us are rediscovering our hobbies and some are finding new ones. Turning our commute time into something fun. Try out all those recipes you’ve been stockpiling, with slightly constricted shopping trips, try your hand at making something delicious out of nothing. Learn how to knit and ensure each family member has a scarf and a woolly hat for Winter 2020!



Planning your day


With the addition of video meetings and phone calls to our day its hard to fit everything in. Make sure you have a plan, schedule your meetings, when you’re answering emails and when you need a screen break. It’s important to keep some structure to your work life and have a start and finish time.


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