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Havens Hospices

The evolution of an established charity and a complete rebrand.  


Havens Hospices is a very respectable charity opening their doors in the early 1980’s. The charity began as just one establishment offering care for adults with life limiting conditions. Since their opening, they have become the umbrella brand to two other subsidiary-brands, Little Havens Hospices and more recently, The J’s, forming in 2010. With an incredibly strong brand image having already been built over the years, we were tasked with rebranding the umbrella brand, whilst also uniting Havens Hospices with its newer subsidiary-brands.


The Havens Hospice expertise is multi- faceted, appeals to all ages, and offers all forms of palliative care, so the new brand identity needs to communicate this also. 

Havens badges
Havens moving Gif showing the sub-brands

We have crafted an 'Over Arching Brand' that empowers Havens Hospices to connect with the community from a corporate standpoint, while keeping in touch with the caring, personal character of their association. The multiple subsidiary brands then sit under this Primary brand, utilising the bigger picture offering created while retaining their own personality. 


The design of this brand began with the silhouette of a house giving a nod to the care that Havens Hospices offer the community – in people’s homes, in their Day Hospice and supporting them to leave hospital, whilst the butterfly element represents the beauty and fragility of life.


Following the research undertaken in focus groups, we decided on a blue colour palette that is synonymous with care. We kept this consitent across all subsidary brands to eliminate any risk of brand dilution.

  • "We are so pleased with the work delivered by We Are Fred, and considering the history of the charity, the sensitive subject matter and the reputation of the organisation, we now have the brand that can support and reflect the great care we offer now, and well into the future."
    Amy Dearing,
    Havens Hospices

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