chelmsford book week marketing campaign

Chelmsford Book Week


We Are Fred are the lead creative Agency for the Chelmsford brand – Chelmsford for You.

Throughout the year, to support the bid and promote Chelmsford city centre, we create campaigns that engage both with the local community – and wider audience.


Late 2019, the Fred team began brainstorming ideas for Quarter 1 of the Chelmsford For You 2020 campaign. The focus of this quarter was inclusivity ‘For All’, bringing the community of Chelmsford together to enjoy everything the city had to offer. Many national events and celebrations occur in the months of January, February and March, one of which is World Book Day, being a popular day for children to dress up as their favourite literary characters and celebrate their top reads.


Coinciding nicely with the half-term holidays, Chelmsford Book Week seemed like the perfect campaign to get families involved, local bookstores some coverage, boost social media engagement and give back to local schools with book vouchers.


placemaking event marketing creative
chelmsford book week marketing campaign
placemaking event marketing creative

Our main focus for this campaign was to keep the designs fun, informative and adaptable for all platforms, creating a suite of creative that appealed to all ages. The design team decided an illustrative approach best suited the topic and the target audience, keeping the colours bright and playful. The illustrations of the stacked books were the perfect solution to ensure the creative stood out and conveyed the message in a more engaging way rather than just words on a page, the message was brought to life.


The campaign was rolled out seamlessly across printed materials, website graphics and a comprehensive social media campaign leading up to the event as well as various supporting materials for the event itself.


The Book Week creative was well received by the client and general public alike, each piece was created with the target audience in mind therefore it was no surprise that the creative got a lot of attention and engagement across social media.

  • We needed to create an illustrative style to appeal to children, but that would also double up as an infographic to advertise the event to parents and guardians.
    Ellie Turner

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