Lambwood Heights

Brand and Brochure for a luxury care home.


Lambwood Heights is a one-of-a-kind care home focussing on raising the standards of care homes everywhere. It offers complete luxury from the care to the facilities. Lambwood Heights, located in Chigwell, Essex, needed to be positioned differently to other stereotypical care homes. 


We had to ensure that the level of care was firstly represented, we did this by adding touches such as flowers, this showcased the soft style of care whilst the bird represented the freedom this home has to offer. We considered the area of Chigwell when developing the brand, with hints of art deco that is routed in the design of the home, working with the gold we feel the positioning was elevated straight away. The clean white space throughout encapsulates the high quality we strived for throughout the creation of this brochure.

  • "We were not just branding a new care home, we were changing the perception of care homes across the UK. A luxurious brand was required to ensure high standards were reflected."
    Clive Lewzey,
    Managing Director

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