Chelmsford For You

Brand, positioning, videography and website design complete for the UK’s newest City.   


We were tasked with creating a new brand for the City of Chelmsford that was innovative and would make Chelmsford a standout destination. We needed to make It a destination that people would go out of their way to visit. We crafted a brand with a diverse colour palette, marketing collateral and a lifestyle video that showcased the City.


The new ‘Chelmsford For You’ concept reflects the values of Chelmsford, its dynamic culture, character, its people and promotes inclusivity for all. Taking a considered approach, we engaged with the key pillars of the local community from businesses, retailers, independents, schools, arts groups, health, lifestyle and local government, as well as members of the public to understand what the City means to them. We produced a video that perfectly encapsulated everything about Chelmsford. After taking a strategic approach to research it was clear that a video would be the most engaging form of content for audiences from retail, education, business and tourism.

  • "This project knows no boundaries and as we started unveiling the branding and what it represents to various groups in the City we quickly realised its power in bringing everyone together. The level of engagement that it has created has been incredibly positive and everyone is thrilled to get behind it."
    Nick Street,
    Creative Director

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