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Redington Capital

Branding and website design and build.


Redington Capital specialise in unlocking development potential from under utilised land and properties within London and the South East. They approached We are Fred to create a digital presence for them, and in turn a new brand identity. 


Traditionally, Redington Capital have not required a digital presence. Their reputation in their field is strong and relies purely on their prestige and word of mouth. However, as the world moves forward, now more than ever, it is imperative to have a strong digital presence. The brief was simple. Create and implement the digital personality of Redington Capital in line with their established reputation and company ethos.

Redington Brand
Redington Brand
Redington Brand

Before we could design the website, we needed to craft a new brand identity. With all of our branding projects, extensive research and strategy is applied - for Redington Capital we knew we needed a brand that would convey the company story. That eludes to being exclusive, yet understated - no fuss, honest and retain its class and integrity.


The finished product; a Brandmark that encompasses clean, minimal and modest with a touch of elegance. Achieved through the use of classic colours such as gold, grey and black coupled with simple, crisp typography produces a brand that perfectly aligns with the company's standing.


When it came to the website, we carefully mapped out the site to ensure a smooth, fuss free user journey. A site that is easy to navigate with minimal content - easy to digest with a flavour of the core business offering, whilst reinforcing the new brand. The site opens with beautifully simple animation of the brand mark, which fades to reveal a paralax layout with a simple, easy to navigate functionality that showcases the company, the directors and their projects.

  • "Unifying the Redington Capital story, while articulating its distinct brand identity and experience was a real pleasure"
    Nick Street,
    Creative Director

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