36 days of type
36 Days of Type

36 Days of type is a yearly initiative that invites designers, illustrators and graphic designers to express their interpretation of letters and numbers. Each day is a new letter or number for 36 days consecutively, aiming to encourage endless graphic possibilities for creation and typography. 

For the first time the We Are Fred design team took part in the 36 Days of Type challenge on Instagram. Each was assigned different letters and numbers, with the only rule being that the only colours they could use were our brand colours. Every day on the We Are Fred instagram we shared the relevant artwork with the 36 Days of Type hashtag. 

Our Senior Graphic Designer Mike was behind getting the team involved. Mike had been following the challenge for a few years and was inspired by previous entries. 

For Mike “typography plays a vitally important role in what we do, 36 Days of Type allowed us the freedom to experiment, push boundaries and generally try new things. As a designer, the prospect of being challenged, and to challenge a brief is what makes the job exciting. It will be great to push the boundaries even further next year, and not limit ourselves to just digital applications.” 

The project wasn’t without its challenges, as Mike explains although the brief was quite loose we made sure to stick within the parameters of using our new brand colours. Although this allowed for consistency throughout, it did make it a little more challenging. As with all the design team, they didn’t want to spend too much time on each letter or over think each one. Quite often the ideas the designers originally had didn’t pan out as expected, but they were left with what was a better result. 

Mike’s favourite letters: “There’s a few that stand out – Lucy’s illustration style and Ben’s animated versions, but as a whole suite of images and looking at it as one body of work, I think it’s fun and creative. As a team, it’s been great to be involved with and we’ve been able to challenge ourselves and show what we’re capable of.” 


What about the rest of the team who took part in 36 Days of Type? 

Clint (Artworker) – “It’s been a really enjoyable challenge! Next time I would hope to use my surroundings more – incorporating everyday items into the designs.” 

Lucy (Graphic Designer) – “It was great to be able to do something a little different and to have entire creative freedom, I enjoyed experimenting with new techniques and tools each time.”

Ben (Senior Graphic Designer) – “It was a really fun to work on and allowed for our individual styles to come through. Makes you realise how diverse and incredibly creative our team is here at Fred.”

Sharon (Creative Artworker) – “It was great the whole team got to have a go. It was fun to see everyones ideas.”

Not all the numbers were done by our design team, in fact 3 of the letters were done by our Account Team – can you guess which 3 they designed?

14 May 2021
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