Brand Animation

That got your attention didn’t it…

Attention spans are shrinking more and more and we, as an agency are going to have less and less time to grab our audiences attention.

That’s why a growing number of businesses and agencies, including We Are Fred, are turning to animations to stand out and create an impact. It’s an effective way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, a great deal of information can be passed out through a few seconds of animated video.

This trend has changed video marketing forever. A well-created animation can introduce a product in an exciting way, educate the audience about its features and usability, boost brand identity or simply create an atmosphere of interaction and finally convert its viewers; all of which make it a very powerful marketing tool.

Animated videos can be evocative, punchy, complex, subtle and achieve engagement levels far surpassing more traditional marketing tools.

On the other hand, the substantial growth in processing power of computers has allowed businesses of all sizes to utilise the power of animation to their benefit. Bigger budgets allow creators to do a lot more, of course, but the combination of imagination and skill has proved to be capable of being as effective in many cases.

More importantly, they have the potential to embody the personality of a company in ways conventional tools simply can’t even touch.

These are the very tools every brand needs to use for better storytelling these days.

There are numerous branding projects in our studio, all using animation, so keep ‘em peeled…..

22 Sep 2020
Posted in Thoughts