Office Plants, Biophilic design and Creativity

An aesthetically pleasing office isn’t just about the materialistic benefits on the eye, but also the psychology effects. Biophilic design proposes that most people have an innate love of nature that we long for, and if we don’t connect with nature our health could suffer. However, indoor plants’ value to the Fred office exceeds the materialistic and health benefits with studies showing that plants enhance creativity, performance and productivity – perfect for the office environment. 


According to Mind, incorporating nature into your everyday life is one way to boost your physical and mental health, improve your mood and help you to feel more relaxed. Whether that is a morning run in the park, a lunchtime walk, or spending time in an office with living walls, plants and flowers. Adding plants to a desk, or communal space, allows for mini-restorative experiences, with our eyes wandering over to greenery when we take a break. 


A 2014 study* found that greenery in an office significantly increases workplace satisfaction in employees, heightens self reported concentration levels and improves perceived air quality. This is due to our appreciation for nature, helping to increase happiness and productivity. 


An Exeter University study reported that employees perform better when houseplants are added to their workspaces, with productivity levels increasing by 15%.**

22 Jun 2021
Posted in Thoughts

Office plants are a great way at helping keep the creative block at bay. The plants at We Are Fred are vibrant, and wherever you turn you will see a plant. The vibrant smelling plants have been linked to have a positive impact on your creativity, with your senses heightened allowing for a flow of ideas. 


We are lucky to have a team that loves their work, however that doesn’t mean that the working day is stress free. A UTS study (2010) suggested that office plants help to reduce stress levels, and when office plants were added to the working environment anxiety reduced by 37%, chronic fatigue reduced by nearly 40% and there was a reported 58% reduction in depression. This is no surprise with the colour ‘green’ being known to represent tranquility, health, growth and healing energy. 


The plants that are situated around the We Are Fred office have not only created a bit of a jungle in the studio, but have been chosen carefully with the aim that the plants increase productivity, help creativity and improve happiness.