Pinterest and Zoopla: Unlocking a new tool for Property Marketing

In November 2020, Pinterest influence in advertising properties increased after the launch of AdReach from Zoopla. The new Pinterest tool, proved that Pinterest isn’t just a place for interior inspiration but also plays a huge part in house hunting. 


Pinterest, designed to enable saving and discovery of information, images, animated GIFs and videos has developed into a social media network ideal for marketing property. 


AdReach is a retargeting product that enables Zoopla and developers using Zoopla to promote developments and properties on Pinterest. Using Zoopla’s unique first-party data to directly target the ideal audience for different developments through prospective home hunters IP address and location of their device. The targeting also pin-points based on what home hunters have searched for including Help to Buy and specific price points. Zoopla identities these people as ‘looking to buy’. When the targeted audience sees the advert on Pinterest, the adverts come up as ‘Promoted Pins’. 


It is said that 85% of Pinterest users are planning life moments, while 43% of users plan to purchase a home in the next 5 years making Pinterest the ideal social media platform to showcase and market new homes, developments and real estate. 


Advertising on Pinterest isn’t a new concept. Businesses have been able to set up adverts on Pinterest for years, but this is the first time that the marketing of property through adverts has been effective. 


Pinterest uses automated targeting which includes creating an ideal audience based on details from a pin, demographics and interests. Using keywords and ‘actalike’ (finds users who have similar interests and behaviours to existing customers), a business can set up targeted adverts on Pinterest to drive traffic to their website and sell goods or services. 


Pinterest is far more than inspiration from home to fashion to arts and crafts, it is a social media platform that can be perfect for advertising developments and new homes. Zoopla has suggested that Pinterest is an untapped source of leads for those marketing new homes and house builders, with over 10 million people in the UK using Pinterest every month. Currently only 3% of Pins are branded, creating a significant channel perfect for targeting a specific audience. 


Will we see a new trend in social media marketing for developments and new homes through Pinterest, only time will tell. 

07 Jul 2021
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