Changing Face of Social Housing
The Changing Face of Social Housing

We Are Fred are delighted to be partnering with forward thinking property developers, with the aim of putting social housing at the forefront of property marketing.

Often ignored in property marketing industry, at We Are Fred we are excited to be putting our skills in branding, marketing and positioning to use on upcoming projects for social housing and affordable homes developers.

What is social housing?

Provided by housing associations and local councils, social housing is a more affordable option than renting privately, with rents pegged to local incomes, meaning a more secure housing option for many. With social housing being run by Housing Associations, such as Flagship, or local councils, homes are more likely to meet the standard for decent housing in the UK.

As of April 2018, there were around 5 million* houses in the UK classed as ‘social housing’ whereby residents were paying ‘social rent’ to their local council or housing association. However, there is a need for far more. In 2020, the British Government promised a further £9.5 billion on the Affordable Homes Programme, which includes social housing. It is said that England needs at least 90,000** new homes for social housing, with many housing associations recruiting property developers to fill the gap.

Evera and Countryside Properties are just two of the many companies forming partnerships with housing associations and local councils to provide new social housing across the UK.

Countryside have partnered with local authorities throughout the UK to create affordable housing through planned agreements. Currently, Countryside have partnered with L&Q and the London Borough of Ealing to deliver a regeneration of 3400 properties on the South Acton Estate, with 50% being affordable housing.

In the past, social housing has had a bad demeanour, however with the likes of Countryside Properties promising to build energy efficient, well insulated and contemporary designed homes, social housing reputation is changing for the better.

In this current climate of furlough, redundancies and lockdowns, affordable and social housing is hugely important. At We Are Fred, we are thrilled to be working with companies, to help to change the face and reputation of social housing across the UK, where we see social housing as no different from the rest of the property market. As a team we are looking forward to creating marketing collateral for a new era of social homes alongside our current projects.

The changing face of social housing, is not only achieved by quality designed and built homes, but also the love from good marketing.

*ONS 2020


15 Jan 2021
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