We Are Fred is Trademarked

We are proud to announce that We Are Fred is now Trademarked. This was a big decision and we are going to tell you why we made the move and why you should too.

What is Trademark?

Trademark is a logo, brand name etc. that is legally registered to distinguish brands from others and protect against fraud and infringement.

You can register your brand names, logos, phrases, shapes, sounds, colours (single and combinations), motions, patterns and holograms.

Trademarking your business is vital for protection of your brand integrity

When your brands name/logo is trademarked it protects against other brands/competitors copying you and stealing your spotlight.

Stops confusion and adds customer convenience

Trademarks help to distinguish your brand from competitors and makes it easy for them to find you. If your brand is easily recognisable, consumers know that they are buying from the right place. Awareness of your brand will help consumers to put trust in your products/services and will help drive your customers buying decisions.

Trademarks add value!

Trademarks add instant value to your business which appreciates over time! Consumers associate trademarks with trustworthy brands, influencing them to put trust in you. Trademarks can be bought and sold as well as being used as security for acquiring a business loan.

They last forever

Your trademark will last as long as your business, there is no shelf life! (However, there is a renewal cost every 10 years or so).

Geographical Benefits

With a trademark you can prevent a competitor brand opening up within a certain distance to you. Keeping your local customers/clients, as yours.

Helps your Google ranking

A consumer is more likely to click on a trademarked brand or a brand they recognise. And the more traffic to your website, the higher your Google ranking. Win Win.

In conclusion, trademarks are a brilliant asset to have for your brand and definitely are worth looking in to.

20 Aug 2020
Posted in News