What is property marketing?

At We Are Fred we are specialists in Property marketing, with many years in the industry and working with some of the biggest names in homebuilding. We know a thing or two about marketing.

What is Property Marketing?
Property marketing by definition is a branch of marketing that ‘sells’ real estate, commercial and residential property. This includes branding, positioning, and promotional strategies (advertising and public relations) for new build developments or property resales.

As with all branches of marketing, there are a number of goals as well, although these goals will differ between organisation and business. Broadly speaking the goals of a marketing campaign are; to increase brand awareness, generate high quality leads, and to increase customer value. More specific goals include increasing website traffic, increasing newsletter sign ups by x%, increase the % of viewings for a new property development, or to sell a set amount of homes in a set amount of time.

Whether you are marketing real estate, retail, recruitment industry, sport, or travel, all goals must be SMART for the marketing campaign to be successful. Therefore the campaign gaols need to be specific (define the metric), measurable, aspirational, realistic and timely and if they are you are on the right track to achieving your marketing goals.

Like with any goals, the goals must be aline with your own business goals and objectives. Therefore designing a new website and promoting on social media for a property developer may help to reach a new audience and increase the number of visitors onto the website and looking at the developers new or future homes.

The changing reality of property marketing
Over the years property marketing trends have changed and developed. As we grow accustomed to virtual meetings, working from home and face masks, the world of property marketing is also changing. In 2021 we expect to see a number of marketing strategies and campaigns to dominate the industry, including virtual events, the growth of video, interactive brochures and virtual reality, as the world moves gradually more online.

Over the last year we have seen a massive growth of virtual viewings, and how the power of video can be utilised effectively for growth in brand awareness and awareness of new developments across the country.

As specialists, We Are Fred we are always on the look out for new ways to help our clients with their marketing goals. Whether this is through innovative and beautifully created videos, email marketing, strategy, or designing an identity and brand. We are more than just property marketing specialists, and our expert knowledge extends beyond just property.

26 Mar 2021
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