Life Chapters

Lifestory are a brand like no other and they create homes for all walks of life. They understand that their customers live real lives with honest experiences. They take the time to know their customers, to appreciate them as people and their rich life stories.

Lifestory know that everyone has a story to tell and that no two stories are alike. Life Chapters is a unique, authentic and deeply personal campaign that captures intimate stories drawn from their customers.

In this campaign, Lifestory celebrate these stories by showing who their customers are today and how their lives have changed and been shaped over time.

With Life Chapters, we curated something authentic and genuine that would stand out in an already crowded marketplace. A space where stock imagery is used to create a narrative that doesn’t always exist. We wanted to use personal realism that can provide an emotional connection through storytelling – providing customers the chance to tell their stories.

We wanted to place the emphasis on the human element of the brand, a body of work that will continually evolve, given the unique platform Lifestory has established within the market. This campaign will appeal to all walks of life, encompassing all ages. Most of all, we wanted to celebrate the lives of Lifestory customers by allowing them to tell their story uninterrupted.

We began with the thought that everyone has a life story to tell, no matter their age, background or where they grew up and that no two stories are exactly the same.

Life Chapters celebrates their many and varied tales, careers, memories, hopes and passions. We show who (and, importantly, where) they are today, and how their lives have been shaped and changed over time by key events – demonstrating there’s a place for all of them in a Lifestory home.

Lifestory customers aren’t the people we are used to seeing in these kind of campaigns. They’re brilliantly diverse. They booked the Beatles, ran modelling agencies, and escaped poverty to work for Meta. They led – and lead – rich, full and exciting lives. This is a campaign we are immensely proud of.

  • National Press Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising



The campaign is beautifully produced, with a genuinely human and intimate quality.

In each execution, we use an observational photographic style that features 2 images of a Lifestory resident, referencing past and present: one large informal portrait, showing them as they are today, in their own home and another secondary image (for example, on an iPad screen or in a mirror) showing them as they were in the past, around the time of the story we’re telling in the campaign.

Lifechapters Adverts

Back in the day, Liverpool was the birthplace of the swinging sixties. And Bill was at the heart of it all. 

Today, you’ll find Bill and his wife Christine at The Vincent, a beautiful Lifestory development up by the Clifton Downs in Bristol. Still living every moment. 



Meet Norrie, catwalk queen supreme.

Back in the 50s, she came top in a beauty competition in her native Tyneside and went on to model for everyone from M&S to Polly Peck, doing all her own hair and make-up in the process.





Meet tech guru Taha. As a teenager, Taha swapped his favourite transistor radio for a PC and his life as a software engineer began in earnest.

Today, you’ll find Taha enjoying the breathtaking view from his apartment at Anthology Hale Works.

For Taha, it’s the perfect place to look ahead at what’s next.