Pixel perfect

A fully integrated creative experience

Your new destination or development deserves more than a vision, a name and a story. It deserves high resolution visuals and immersive imagery so that your customers can truly picture themselves there, at the heart of the action. That’s where we come in.

Working in close partnership with your architects and interior designers, our creative team can help put your project in context, rendering high-res images that provide a real world view, not just a conceptual snapshot.

  • CGI
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Flythroughs
  • Site plans


CGI creative team interior living area
Technical knowledge

Now more than ever having an effective marketing campaign featuring beautifully-designed photo-quality images and attention-grabbing animated content is a sure-fire way of building tangible interest prior to your development being ready for potential buyers to visit.

With 20+ years experience, the We Are Fred CGI team excels in architectural technical knowledge, high resolution visuals and immersive imagery. Our CGI artists are both technical experts, but also adapt their creative skill to use styling, lighting, bespoke furniture modelling and lifestyle to bring your product to life.

CGI creative team
CGI creative team settle
CGI creative team interior bedroom
CGI creative team interior essex
CGI creative team exterior
CGI creative team interior we are fred essex
CGI creative team we are fred essex interior